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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit my website to the Directory Dakarsolidario?
In order to add your website to the Directory, fill out the submission form on the Add URL page. Then, please place a reciprocal link to the Directory Dakarsolidario on any page of your website. You can find the Directory Dakarsolidario linking information on the Link To Us page.

Right now I'm trying to submit website to as many directories as possible - Can I place the reciprocal link to the Directory Dakarsolidario later?
Yes, you can submit your site to the Directory Dakarsolidario now, and then place the reciprocal link on your website later. Right after you submit your website to our online directory, you will receive confirmation email with activation link. Once you have added the reciprocal link to the Directory Dakarsolidario on your website, click on the activation link, and your listing in the Relevant Category will be activated and visible at that time. Your site listing will remain invisible until you link back to us.

If I link to the Directory Dakarsolidario first, and submit my site after this - will my listing become visible right away?
Yes, your listing will be activated immediately. The reciprocal link is checked automatically when you click on Add Site button at the time of website submission. If reciprocal link is found, your listing is added to the catalog and made visible right away.

If I remove reciprocal link to the Directory Dakarsolidario from my website, will my listing remain in your directory?
No, your listing will be removed at the time of the next reciprocal links check. We check reciprocal links automatically once a month. If we cannot find our link on the webpage specified in Reciprocal URL field during site submission, your listing will be temporarily removed from the Directory Dakarsolidario, and you will be notified about that. If you decide not to place our link back on your website, your listing will be removed permanently from the Directory Dakarsolidario after 30 days.

My website was removed from the Directory Dakarsolidario. Can I submit it again?
Yes, you can. If your site was removed from the catalog, you can submit it again.

I'm trying to submit my website, but keep receiving message that my site is already in the catalog, still I cannot find in the category where it was submitted. What happened?
There are two possible reasons for this:
  1. The site was submitted to the directory, but has not been activated and is still invisible. In order to make your listing visible, place a reciprocal link to the Directory Dakarsolidario on the webpage you specified in the Reciprocal URL field at the time of submission, and then click on the activation link in the confirmation email. If you place the reciprocal link but do not click on the activation link, your listing will be automatically activated within 30 days during monthly reciprocal links check.
  2. The Directory Dakarsolidario administration listed your site in another category that is more relevant to the topic of your website. Please use the search feature to locate your website in the Relevant Category. If the search returns no results, this means that your website has been submitted but not activated (see #1).

I forgot what page I specified in the Reciprocal URL field, and now I'm not sure where I should place the link to the Directory Dakarsolidario. What do I do?
Your website registration details are emailed to you at the time of your website submission, and you can look up this information in this email. If you cannot locate the confirmation email, then please wait until your website will be removed from the directory - this will be done within 30 days, and submit your website again.

I would like to remove my website from your catalog. How can I do this?
Simply remove the link to Directory Dakarsolidario from your site, and your site listing in the Directory Dakarsolidario will be removed automatically within 30 days.


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